Based on Flow Blurring nebulization technology, the revolutionary Oneneb nebulizer generates a fine aerosol that improves both sensitivity and tolerance to dissolved solids for ICP-OES and MP-AES applications.
Its inert construction stands up to all samples – including strong acids such as hydrofluoric acid (HF) and common organic solvents – with efficient operation across normal and micro flow rates.
Made by Polymeric (PFA and PEEK) construction makes Oneneb suitable for virtually any sample including common organic solvents used in the petrochemical industry – as well as sample digests from geochemical fusions prepared in aqua regia, HF or four-acid digests (HClO4- HCl – HNO3- HF).
Oneneb need no special maintenance. Simply rinse with your rinse solution when your analysis is complete.
Manufactured with impact resistant inert plastics, unlike fragile glass and quartz nebulizers.

Operates without clogging with solutions of very diverse TDS content eliminating the need to use sets for each type of test.
Generates a customized spray based on the requirements of the equipment manufacturers, allowing greater analytical precision. This product is distributed worldwide by Agilent Technologies.

The Oneneb nebulizer is a universal, high-efficiency nebulizer that offers superior performance with ICP-OES instruments. Based on flow blurring nebulization technology, the Oneneb nebulizer provides improved sensitivity and precision as well as greater tolerance to dissolved solids.

What’s more the inert construction makes the Oneneb a universal design that can handle most ICP-OES sample matrices including strong acids such as HF and common organic acids.
Is suitable for use with Agilent ICP-OES and MP-AES systems, and PerkinElmer Optima ICPOES Systems and for conventional glass cyclonic and inert spray chambers. Simply replace your existing concentric glass nebulizer with the OneNeb nebulizer. No other method changes are required.

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Main features

Improved sensitivity and precision – due to the fine aerosol generated by flow blurring nebulization.

High efficiency at both normal and micro sample uptake rates.

Oneneb has greater tolerance to samples with high Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) content.

Inert construction ensures the Oneneb that can handle most ICP-OES sample matrices.

Thousands of nebulizers supplied worldwide since 2010. The Oneneb is probably the most efficient nebulizer available for ICP-OES and MP-AES.

It handles flowrates from 0.5 to 2.0 ml/min-1 and was specifically designed for ICP-OES and MP-AES applications.

OneNeb Nebulizer ICP-OES and MP-AES .Sample introduction ICP


Sample flow rate0.5-2.0 ml.min-1 [best with 1.0]
Argon flow rate0.7 l.min-1
Argon pressure150 kPa
Sample connectionDirect, 1/16” OD PFA tubing to 0.5-0.8 mm ID
Gas connectorQuick-release tube 4mm OD
Spray chamber fitNebulizer body 6mm OD
MaterialsPFA, ETFE, PTFE, PEEK and LCP
Chemical compatibilityAqueous, HF acid and Organic Solvents
TDS handling capacity250 g/l
UNSPSC code41113000

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Package content

OneNeb nebulizer, sample connector 1/16” with PFA tubing, quick release gas connector 4 mm, 4mm black rigid gas tube with clamp, conical sample line adapter (4 parts) for peristaltic pump 1/16” tubing to 0.5-0.8mm

(This product is currently distributed by Agilent)

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