MultiNeb is an unique nebulizer with two channels for simultaneous nebulization for ICP-OES and ICP-MS routines.
It generates an aerosol suitable for ICP sample introduction just similar to what a regular nebulizer will do but in this specific case it will do it out of two liquid streams instead of just one, and still using the same argon gas flow rate than a regular 1-channel nebulizer would use.
The new Multineb has been presented as a powerful device for elemental spectrochemical analysis. It is a compact, versatile, inert, durable, efficient, easy to handle, and low-maintenance operation nebulizer.
It has been proved that the use of aqueous calibration standards overcomes practically all drawbacks in the analysis of organic matrices.

The main advantages using on-line calibration methodologies by the new Multineb are: handling simplicity, significant reduction in the total analysis time, reagent and sample consumption and number of solutions to be prepared.
It simplifies the experimental set-up on chemical vapor generation, increasing the sensitivity of ICP-based techniques.
Finally, on-line isotope dilution provides excellent results in a simple way, avoiding the tedious and time-consuming conventional isotope dilution analytical procedures.
It handles flowrates from 0.25 to 1.0 ml/min-1 per channel.

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Main features

The only double inlet nebulizer that allows the simultaneous nebulization of two immiscible fluids for ICP-OES, ICP-MS and MP-AES

Converts a regular spray chamber into a cold vapor /hydride generator.

Allows innovative on-line routines.

Multineb is a very unique ICP OES/MS pneumatic nebulizer.

It provides sensitivity and precision as high as other high efficiency nebulizers like Oneneb or SeaSpray

It has been developed and manufactured by Ingeniatrics in collaboration with the University of Alicante.


Sample flow rate0.25-1.0 ml.min-1 [per channel]
Argon flow rate0.7-1.0 l.min-1
Argon pressure180-200 kPa
Sample connectionDirect, 1/16” OD PFA tubing to 0.5-0.8 mm ID
Gas connectorQuick-release tube 4mm OD
Spray chamber fitNebulizer body 6mm OD
MaterialsPFA, ETFE, PTFE, PEEK and LCP
Chemical compatibilityAqueous, HF acid and Organic Solvents
TDS handling capacity200 g/l
UNSPSC code41113000

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Package content

MultiNeb nebulizer, sample connector 1/16” with PFA tubing, quick release gas connector 4 mm, 4mm black rigid gas tube with clamp, two conical sample line adapter (4 parts/ea) for peristaltic pump 1/16” tubing to 0.5-0.8mm

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