Ingeniatrics is a fluid engineering company expert in all types of ICP nebulizers founded in 2001. Trough the last years we have developed two innovative nebulizers, Massneb and Multineb to cover a wide range of possibilities to meet all needs.

Ingeniatrics designs and manufactures high-quality nebulizers for applications in spectroscopy and other advanced scientific and industrial fields. The company, founded by the inventors of Flow Focusing and Flow Blurring technologies, has implemented its solutions in diverse sectors such as analytical chemistry, ambient humidification, and microencapsulation, always from a unique perspective of custom microaerosol generation.

Ingeniatrics is the creator and the sole worldwide manufacturer of the OneNeb nebulizer, a market leader in sample introduction for spectrometry and a precursor to the use of new materials in its production.

The global market for Analytical Chemistry nebulizers is valued at around $21M and is expecte to reach $ 33M soon. It is estimated that at least 50% of this market corresponds to nebulizers for ICP‐MS.


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Standard fitting nebulizers for each spectrochemistry technique. Choosing the right nebulizer was never so easy.

ICP nebulizers

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Evaporative cooling, fresh produce preservation without plastics packaging, air humidification for erosion control, and more. Tell us what your needs are. We hear you.

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You can’t find what you need among our products? No problem. We can be part of your development team, integrating our technology into your products and processes. Tell us what you need, we enjoy challenges.


One of our strengths in analytical chemistry

OneNeb.Nebulizer ICP-OES and MP-AES.ICP nebulizers

Aplication Notes

From single cell analysis to isotope dilution. From wear metal to speciation and online chemical vapor among others. Our ultimate goal is to improve the capabilities and performance of ICP-MS spectrometry equipment, contributing to the development of new scientific applications.

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