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Ingeniatrics launches new accessories to improve the procedure and make it easier.Sizes and length could be customized depending on your needs.
Speciation has become an important topic of present-day analytical methodologies in routine analysis laboratories.
Generally, speciation analysis plays a unique role in studies of biogeochemical cycles of chemical compounds, determination of toxicity and ecotoxicity of selected elements, quality control of food products or control of medicines and pharmaceutical products among others.
For speciation analysis based on LC-ICP-MS analytical approach, Ingeniatrics has released to allow quick, reliable, and easy connection of your LC to your ICP-MS, a specific one-piece connector for OneNeb or MassNeb (one liquid inlet) with a 50 mm PEEK capillary to connect the exit of the chromatographic column directly to nebulizer (for high and low pressure, red and green PEEK capillary, respectively).

In addition, in case of MultiNeb nebulizer (two liquid inlets), the one-piece connectors designed for speciation analysis contains a 50 mm PEEK capillary to connect the exit of the chromatographic column directly to nebulizer and a second 50 mm PFA tubing (0.5 mm i.d.).

As a solution for your needs for your LC-ICP-MS approach, these Speciation Analysis High Pressure Connectors have been demonstrated in the following Application Notes, some advantages, such as resists blockage, fast washout, minimize dead volume and peak broadening (higher sensitivity and chromatographic resolution), principally in comparison with the conventional LC-ICP-MS connection kit employing for this purpose.


Accesories for OneNeb Nebulizers

Nebulizer ICP-OES and MP-AES. Nebulizers accessories improve procedure


Accesories for MassNeb Nebulizers

MassNeb nebulizer ICP-MS. Nebulizers accessories improve procedure


Accesories for MultiNeb Nebulizers

Nebulizers accessories improve procedure

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