MassNeb nebulizer ICP-MS
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General use nebulizer for any kind of ICP. Including high TDS samples, strong acids (HF) and organic solvents.

MassNeb nebulizer ICP-MS provides better sensitivity at lower speed pump for sample introduction to the ICP-OES instruments in comparison with the results obtained by Micromist nebulizer.
This nebulizer has the ability to generate a very fine droplet aerosol with a narrow size distribution, resulting in greater precision in the analysis.
MassNeb nebulizer lower sample consumption requirement makes it particularly appealing for clinical analysis, where the amount of sample needed for ICP analysis is a crucial factor due to the use of human tissues or biological fluids. This feature allows for more efficient and cost-effective analysis, making it an attractive option for clinical researchers and practitioners.

Mercury, for example, is one of the most scrutinized elements in the industry and has been shown how MassNeb nebulizer presents higher precision, sensitivity, signal stability and reproducibility in total mercury determination using ICP-MS and mercury speciation quantification based on HPLC-ICP-MS using the One-Piece High Pressure for Speciation Analysis by HPLC-ICP).
Related to this, the high-pressure connector designed by Ingeniatrics Tecnologias S.L. present some advantages, such as resists blockage, fast washout, minimize dead volume and peak broadening, principally. In addition, this connector is simple to use, to allow quick, cheap, reliable and easy connection of your HPLC to your ICP instrument.
It handles flowrates from 0.05 to 0.4 ml/min-1.

Main features

Great performance with one single nebulizer for a wide sample flowrate range, designed to enhance ICP-MS precision and sensitivity.

Best transport efficiency for single cell applications.

With low gas backpressure supports more gas pressure than any other ICP-MS nebulizer.

As a Ingeniatrics’ hallmark, Massneb has anti-clogging technology (TDS up to 100 g/L) and is extra tough and durable.

Inert to HF and organic solvents.

MassNeb nebulizer ICP-MS


Sample flow rate0.05-0.4 ml.min-1 [best with 0.2]
Argon flow rate0.75 l.min-1
Argon pressure150 kPa
Sample connectionDirect, 1/16” OD PFA tubing to 0.5-0.8 mm ID
Gas connectorQuick-release tube 4mm OD
Spray chamber fitNebulizer body 6mm OD
MaterialsPFA, ETFE, PTFE, PEEK and LCP
Chemical compatibilityAqueous, HF acid and Organic Solvents
TDS handling capacity100 g/l
UNSPSC code41113000

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MassNeb nebulizer, sample connector 1/16” with PFA tubing, quick release gas connector 4 mm, 4mm black rigid gas tube with clamp, conical sample line adapter (4 parts) for peristaltic pump 1/16” tubing to 0.5-0.8mm

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