MultiNeb Nebulizer
Quick Guide

Fitting and Quick connect installation instructions

Push the quick release connector onto the gas inlet fitting of the nebulizer until it locks in place.

lnsert the tubing far the nebulizer gas supply directly into the free end of the quick release connector until it locks in place.

MultiNeb Nebulizer Quick Guide Good Practice

Important Notice

Caution: Before applying gas pressure, apply a slight amount of pulling pressure between the nebulizer and the gas supply hose to ensure they are securely locked.

To remove the gas supply tubing, push the release buttonn on the top of the quick release connector and slide off the tube of the hose adaptor.

Recommended settings:
Gas pressure: 150-200 kPa
Gas flow: 0.7 -1.0 L/min
Liquid uptake range: 0.25 – 1.0 ml/min (per channel)

Guidelines for Nebulizer Use

• Always connect and disconnect the sample capillaries using the plastic connector. Never pull on the free end of the capillaries tubes

• Solution must be pumped to the nebulizer using a peristaltic pump or alternative pumping device

• Maintain medium-high speed (al least 10 rpm) to minimize signal noise. If working al low solution uptake rates, fit narrow bore pump tubing and run the peristaltic pump al a higher pump speed.

• Peristaltic pump tubing should be replaced periodically or when signs of wear are evident

• Always rinse the nebulizer with de­ionized water (or a suitable solvent) far at least a few minutes al the end of your analysis. Remove the liquid and allow the plasma to operate for a short period with no solution flow. Then switch off the plasma.

• To maintain optimum performance, clean the nebulizer weekly.

Cleaning instructions

To maintain optimum performance, clean the nebulizer weekly by soaking in pure water, dilute detergent solution, or solvent (depending on the application) for at least 30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and dry by passing a stream of filtered air, argon, or nitrogen through the tip of the MassNeb. If blockages remain, refer to the cleaning and backflushing procedure outlined in the Good Practice and Maintenance Guidelines included in this web.

Caution: Do not use a wire far cleaning.

Nebulizer installation

Caution: Excessive force may damage the nebulizer. Always connect and disconnect the sample capillaries by handling the plastic connector. Ensure that the tip is protected from damage.

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