Humidification and
Industrial Nozzles

Evaporative cooling, fresh produce preservation without plastics packaging

Our technology is so transversal that
reaches many sectors

Our humidification nozzles are revolutionizing the industry maintaining relative humidity as high as 96%, no freezing buildup on coils or no wetness on products.

Air humidification in food production processes or preservation, wine cellar or suspended dust control (mining or cement plants).


Our nozzles with plastic tips decrease clogging and mineral build up.
Sprays fine, fog-like mist to maintain humidity and periodically create a dense cloud cascading down the front of the case.

Made of durable plastic (no PVC) or steel to prevent damage caused by weather conditions or the passage of time.

Our humidification nebulizers can be used in deli, meat, cheese, seafood and floral departments to preserve the freshness to help keep product fresh and attractive while reducing product loss and encouraging your
customers to become repeat shoppers. Products can stay in case longer, including overnight. Customers will be attracted to with an appealing product and gentle rolling fog
Humidification and Industrial Nozzles

Humid Series

It handles flowrates from 0.5 to 2.0 ml.min-1 for evaporative cooling and humidification applications.

Humidification and Industrial Nozzles
FDA Flow Blurring nozzle

Humid Steel Series

A stainless steel FDA Flow Blurring nozzle for evaporative cooling and humidification applications.

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