Humid Steel Series

Main advantages

Humid steel

The most efficient and energy saving nebulizer used on Wineries humidification in Spain, Portugal and France.
Our humidification systems manage to atomize the water to droplet diameters that quickly dissolve in the air.

Is a quickly amortizable and profitable investment. Low installation costs. Low energy consumption and virtually no specialized maintenance. 

Easy-to-use control that allows us to ensure a precise, constant and uniform relative humidity of the air. They can be implemented with existing HVAC systems.


Liquid ConnectionG1/8
Gas ConnectorG1/8
MaterialStainless steel 316L
NotesIdeal for evaporative cooling and humidification applications
Average particle size5-10 microns
Water Flow rate1-2 gph or 2-5 l/h
Air flow rate55-65 lpm / 3.3-3.9 Nm3
Optima Pressure range2 bar / 29 psi

Custom Nozzles

Sometimes our current nozzles may not cover all users needs. That is why we also offer the possibility of developing unique custom-made nozzle for specifics uses and goals. We are experts in aerosols microfluidics and love to participate in R&D projects and innovative initiatives.