Humid Series

Main advantages

Humid plastic

Tens of thousands nebulizers sold every year to American market leaders.
Our humidification nozzles are revolutionizing the industry.
Our technology will not get your product wet and will help to maintain its weight and freshness.
Sprays fine, fog-like mist to maintain humidity and periodically create a dense cloud cascading down the front of the case and the nozzles are easy to install and maintain.

They are customizable with adjustable fog time control – control is mounted separately from other system components for easy accessibility.
Is 100% efficient – water consumption is a small fraction of what traditional systems use.
Does not produce excessive moisture in the case or wet the shoppers.
Humid plastic nozzles produce a visually pleasing fog in produce, meat, seafood, cheese, deli and floral displays while maintaining vital humidity levels to extend product shelf life.


SpecificationsHumid Series
Liquid Connection4 mm
Gas Connector6 mm
NotesIdeal for evaporative cooling and humidification applications.
Average particle size5-10 microns
Water Flow rate0.2-0.5 gph or 0.75-2 l/h
Air flow rate6-8 lpm / 0.36-0.48 Nm3
Pressure range1-2 bar/1.50-2 psi

Custom Nozzles

Sometimes our current nozzles may not cover all users needs. That is why we also offer the possibility of developing unique custom-made nozzle for specifics uses and goals. We are experts in aerosols microfluidics and love to participate in R&D projects and innovative initiatives.